My name is Melody Loveless

I’m a Brooklyn based web designer and developer who hails from the Wild West.

I’m filled with ideas and would love to share them with you.


Washington Square Winds

Washington Square Winds is a New York based woodwind quintet who is dedicated to expanding their ensemble’s repertoire by collaborating with living composers.

In the fall of 2013, the group was looking for a more modern look for their website to better reflect their mission along with accessible features and functions. My highly customized WordPress theme easily takes care of both aspects. This is in constant development to keep up date with their needs and wants.

Visit the site:


Animal Spinner


Animal Spinner was a quirky project that combined nostalgia and technology into a bizarre contraption. In group project, my teammates and I decided to take apart a children’s see and say and insert an Arduino and new sensors under the triggers. After the lever is pulled, the laptop will project a random video, that we took off of vine, that corresponds to the animal on the spinner using Max MSP.


What I Do:


(Web) Design

Finding the balance between function and style is my strength. I’m here to help.



HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Custom WordPress Themes, Responsive Design – I will do what I can to give you what you need to carry on and grow.



Let’s pitch ideas together.